Animation & VFX

Core competence.

A top-notch rendered video can be a game-changer in the fiercely competitive world of tenders. Describing intricate marine operations through words and 2D sketches is often a daunting task. This is where our expertise in creating high-quality, technically accurate animations comes into play, sparing you the frustration of trying to explain complex ideas to animators. Having an animation team that works in tandem with engineers and designers on offshore projects is a significant advantage. We possess a deep understanding of the industry and its processes, which means the focus shifts to the artistic side of things without compromising on technical accuracy.

3D animations serve as a powerful tool to distill complex concepts into understandable visual forms. They bring to life the intricate interplay of products, equipment, and processes that are hard to capture in words or basic drawings. By combining these elements into a cohesive and realistic animated environment, we can illuminate and clarify even the most complex processes.

Our process.

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Define Objective & Level of Detail

Kick-off meeting with the client to understand the objective of the animation. Is it for a tender or QHSE or informational? Define the level of detail necessary.

Prepare Storyboard & Agree on assets to use​

Together with the client, define the message. Break down the message into minute scenes. Review the 3D assets on-hand and provided by the client to make a final selection. The selected assets are then textured and prepped for use. 

Preliminary Low-res output & review​

The sequence of events are captured in low resolution format. Client feedback is captured by organizing review rounds.

Fully Rendered Video in 4K

Final animation output is post processed and edited to add infographics, titles, logo etc. and completed package is delivered to client.

Our projects.

Which project can we help you with?

Which project can we help you with?