Steel Construction

Core competence.

While our primary specialization lies in the design of steel structures for offshore marine environments, our expertise also extends to the design of onshore steel constructions. This includes process plants, warehouses, and commercial buildings. The loads and load combinations applicable in these onshore projects differ from those in offshore environments; however, the fundamental principles of offshore steel design are adaptable and transferable.

In onshore projects, our focus shifts from accommodating wave-induced vessel accelerations to addressing seismic & ice loads. Our design strategies adapt from creating interfaces with vessel structures to developing interfaces with concrete foundations. 

Our design approach for each steel connection prioritizes both strength and ease of erection. A key objective is to maximize the amount of steel fabrication and welding accomplished in the workshop, thereby reducing the time required for on-site erection.

Our process.

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​High-Level Concept Development

Every project begins with a kick-off meeting to understand the clients functional requirements. Initial concept layout drawings prepared by the client form the basis for the initial discussion.

Definition of Primary Members

After we understand the client requirements and based on the concept layout, we define the primary load bearing steel members. After a few iterations and review of global structural response, the primary load bearing members are defined. The reaction loads at the interface to civil foundation and at the steel connection locations are extracted and provided as input for connection design.

Connection Design & Secondary Structures

Based on the reaction loads extracted from the global analysis, the steel to steel and steel to concrete connections are designed. Depending on the complexity of the connections the calculations are performed either with excel sheets or with FEM software such as IDEA Statica or Dlubal RFEM. 

​Fabrication Drawing Preparation

The final step in our process is preparing detailed fabrication drawings. General arrangement, assembly, part drawings and MTO is prepared to kick start the fabrication process.

Our projects.

Which project can we help you with?

Which project can we help you with?